Bluetana APK- What is meant by Bluetana APK?

Hello folks, We are back with another famous Android application. In our website, we are continuously sharing the different Android application. In that today we are going to share an article about Bluetana APK. What is Bluetana APK? and its functions.

This application is free to download and use. Here we are going to tell about how to use Bluetana APK in your Andriod devices? This application fully safer to use. Bluetana application is not available in the play store. So you can download the latest version of Bluetana APK on our website

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What is meant by Bluetana APK?

Bluetana APK was discovered by some of the experts from the University of California and from the University of Illinois. This application helps the users to detect Skimming devices. Immediately a question will arise among the users. what is Skimming device?

What is meant by Skimming devices?

For Example, Here I am going to tell about ATM Skimming. ATM Skimming means criminals will place a device in the ATM machine. That machine will be placed in the face of the ATM. Also, they will place some small pinhole camera in the brochure holder. That will help the thieves to extract the Pin numbers or other card details of the people. To avoid this problem Bluetana application will help to detect the skimming device.

Bluetana APK in US Pumps stations.

Bluetana Application is mostly used in the United States of America. American police and law enforcement agencies using this app. Even civilian can also able to use it. This application is mostly used in the Pumps Stations in the U.S.

What are things can be hacked by using Skimming devices?

The things can be hacked by using skimming devices are

  • Password
  • Pin number
  • Username
  • Chips card details
  • Another account details.

To stop this problem use Bluetana Application.

How to install BluetanaAPK in your Andriod device?

Installing an Apk file in the Android device is very simple. Every adult has already known about the installing task of APK file. But the kids didn’t have much knowledge about installing an APK file in the smartphone. So below we have given the complete installation details.

First Step: Before downloading an APK file we need to do one thing in our Smartphone. The thing is to switch on the Unknown sources option in Smart Phone

Second Step: For Switch on Unknown Source, First click the Home screen in that click the Settings option

Third Step: After entering the Settings option next you have to click the Privacy or Security option

Fourth Step: In that Privacy option, you can see the Unknown Sources option. Click and Switch on it.

Fifth Step: Next, Click the Apk of Bluetana which will be update on our website soon.

Sixth Step: Wait a few seconds for downloading

Seventh Step: Once the downloading complete means click the Apk file.

Eighth Step: In the Apk file you can see the install button

Ninth Step: Click the install button and launch the app

Tenth Step: Installation takes little bit seconds to complete. After installation Click and open the app.

How does it work?

After installing the app, you can able to detect skimming devices.

  • To check this first go to the nearest ATM
  • After entering the ATM. Next, open the Bluetana app on your phone.
  • Immediately the app will scan Bluetooth devices nearby.
  • If application founds any Skimming devices means immediately it will show red color in the application.

How to Protect from ATM Skimming?

When visiting an ATM, Do these things

  • Tape and/or sticky glue residue on any part of the ATM
  • Bulkiness on the card insert area or the PIN keypad
  • Anything hanging from the ATM
  • Wiggle the card slot or keypad for loose-fitting attachments
  • Check your bank and credit card statements often
  • Cover the keypad when entering your PIN
  • Mainly don’t use the ATM in areas like Bars, Resartuant, wineshops, Pubs, etc…


This is one of the best apps to stay away from hackers and stealers. We have given a short review about Bluetana APK app. If you like this app means install it. This will be very helpful to you. If you want to know more details about Bluetana application means just comment below.


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