Download the Latest Version of Minecraft Earth Apk for Android/ Download and Explore your World [2019]

Every Android user loves to play games on their mobile phones. In that, there are a lot of mobile games available in the market. Today we are going to share about one of the best Android game called Minecraft Earth. In this article, we have given you the complete details about Minecraft Earth Apk and its working process. Below we have given the download link of Minecraft Earth Apk and its installation process.

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What is Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth is a reality sandbox mobile game developed by based on the video game Minecraft. It was first announced on 17 May 2019. Minecraft Earth is one of the popular games among Android users. It is the most addictive game with interesting graphics for players. Early-stage Mojang Studios launched this app later the company has franchised to Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion. Every Mojang’s games are now published by Microsoft’s technology. It is shown vividly through your phone lens, which is completely different from previous Minecraft-style games. This type of technology available in current games like Pokemon GO.

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Things in Minecraft Earth:

The Whole game comes under the four main points. Create, Collect, Cooperate and Explore are the four important things in this game. From the mobile camera and AR technology, we can create a whole new Minecraft World. The complete game is built on creating and building in an AR world.

We can see digital elements in the real world from this game. Players can interact with them in different ways and also allows the players to build permanent structures and work together. Once your design has been completed means you can put them in the AR world for other players to admire. This latest version of the Minecraft Earth app for Android allows the players to add more items into the game.

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What is meant by AR technology?

A lot of people in this world didn’t hear the term called AR technology. AR means Augmented Reality. Recent mobile games are developed with this technology only. AR technology means the presentation of Virtual info or the integration of it into the real world. It allows the player can interact with the real-world objects by touching covering speaking etc..

Difference between AR and VR?

VR means Virtual reality, AR and VR both are completely different from one another. VR will direct the player to experience and explore only. But AR technology brings both real and virtual worlds. If you want to know the difference means just play the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for better understanding about VR and AR.

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Main four Points of this whole gameplay:

We have already said that this gameplay revolves around 4 main points

  1. Create
  2. Collect
  3.  Cooperate
  4. Explore


What is creating in Minecraft Earth?  Minecraft mainly tests the creativity of the players. In the Minecraft Earth, gives chances to express your own way and also you can help other creations also


Minecraft Earth features many of the mobs you know and love, along with a bunch of new ones. In the future, you can also enjoy other unique variations.


Make friends with minded crafters. Work together and make the game more interesting. The player can even team up with others for mini-adventures!


Your real-life neighborhood takes on a whole new dimension thanks to Minecraft Earth. Gather resources, take on challenges, and share your creations with others. There is a whole new world to discover.

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Specifications for Minecraft Earth APK:

Application Name Minecraft Earth
Based on which class Entertainment (games)
Developed by Mojang
Operating System Android devices
Latest Version v1.0
Size 120MB
Minimum OS Requirement Android 4.1 and Up
Downloads 1,000,000+
Latest Updated date 2 June 2019
Category Action

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How to download and install the Minecraft Earth Apk in your Android device?

Below we are going to provide you the step by step instructions about how to download and install the Minecraft Earth Apk on your Andriod devices. So, Be careful and download the Correct Apk link in the below. If there is a mistake happen means while downloading, it will affect the user interface of your app. Carefully follow the instructions given below and download it

Download the official link of Minecraft Earth game

Login to the account and download the Apk from official Minecraft Earth page.

Step 1: Firstly, we need to “Switch ON the APPS for Unknown source on Mobile”. It is compulsory to switch on the Unknown Sources option in your phone for a third-party app.

Step 2: Step to switch ON the Unknown sources, we need to go to the settings–>Security–>Unknown Sources or Settings–>Additional Settings–>Privacy–>Unknown Sources

Step3:  Once you Switch ON the Unknown sources option means your Andriod device is ready to accept the third-party app.

Step 4: Download the link of Minecraft Earth Apk which is given above. Click and Download it

Step 5:  Wait for a few minutes for downloading the app. Once the downloading has been over means click the install button in the button

Step 6: Installation takes place some minutes wait for it. After installation, click the Open button and enjoy the Minecraft game and explore your new world.


This is a short review of this application. I hope this review will be helpful for internet browsers. Download the game and explore your creativity in this game. If you any doubts regarding this app means ask in the below comment section, we will ready to clarify at any time.

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