Facts about Abortion

An Abortion is the termination of pregnancy which can happen either naturally or deliberate actions done by the human even before giving birth to the child. The embryo or fetus ( unborn child ) is expelled from the womb before it could survive outside the uterus. Period of an embryo is first eight weeks of the pregnancy and for the rest of the pregnancy period, the unborn child is known as a fetus. An individual attempts to end the pregnancy is said to be induced abortion and the unfortunate or natural way of abortion is known as miscarriage. Here we let you know some facts about abortion which will help the women during the pregnancy period.

Facts about abortion
Facts about abortion

Types of abortion:

There are two types of abortion

  1. Complete abortion
  2. Missed abortion

Complete abortion:

Complete abortion means an embryo or fetus comes out from the womb.

Missed abortion:

Missed abortion means an embryo or fetus stays inside the womb.


Facts About Abortion:

  • Today people are thinking about abortion as a trend but it is not today’s trend, Surprisingly it is 5,000 years old concept. The first induced abortion happened back in ancient China in 2700 B.C.
  • The average period of a normal human pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks.
  • Almost all over the world, a woman can undergo abortion only before the 24th week of pregnancy. It is a life-threatening risk for all the women after that period.
  • Modern-day abortions are really safe. Women dying in an abortion is 13 times smaller than dying during childbirth.
  • Today nearly 20 million abortions performed worldwide. In that 97% of unsafe abortion happening in the developing countries and that causes serious damages to the female body.
  • Some countries like North America, Asia, and Europe where abortion is legal to all the women in any situation, but in a few countries, it can be used under strict laws. For example, Countries like South America and South Africa have laws that restrict abortion only to the woman’s cases to mental disability, endangered maternal life or pregnancy resulting from rape.
  • Countries like Malta, Vatican City, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Chile, and Nicaragua where abortion is strictly prohibited.
  • The Abortion rate in the U.S is higher than any other developed countries in the world. Almost one-third of the American women commit at least one abortion before the age of 45 years. In America, age group under 25years have around 51% of induced abortion.
Facts about abortion
Facts about abortion

Facts and Figures of Abortion:

  • Statistics reveal that only 1 in 5,00,000 women died during an abortion, If it is 8 weeks or lesser than 8 weeks.
  • Deaths occur only 1 in 6,000 women during an abortion period of 21 weeks or later.
  • Similarly to the U.S, One-third of women in U.K. commits abortion. In England, nearly 1,80,000 abortion takes place every year.
  • Due to back-street abortion, nearly 70000 people die each year in the world.
  • 50% of abortions are happening under the age group between 20 to 24 years old.
  • In the world, Nearly 5% of women having abortions because of rape abuse. 81% of people in America support substantial abortion restrictions.
  • WHO report says that nearly 40-50 million abortions take place every year and 1,25,000 abortion per day.
  • In U.S black women are 5 times more than the white women to have an abortion. Almost 1876 black babies dying every day due to abortion.
  • In the recent America survey, 1.2 Million abortions happening every year and around 3322 abortions per day and 59% of women commit abortion are already mothers.
  • From the period of gestation, a male embryo gains a soul in 40days or more than that. Similarly, female embryo gains soul in 90 days or more.


Types of abortion:

Abortion is classified into three trimesters :

  1.  During the period of the first 12 weeks.
  2.  Between the period of 13th to 28th week.
  3.  Period of 29th week to childbirth.

First trimesters:

  • During the period of the first 12 weeks, Medical abortion will happen by using the Abortion pill to end the pregnancy.
  • The abortion pill is mifepristone and misoprostol. Using these drugs can end your pregnancy and this drugs will kill embryo until your 10th week of the pregnancy.
  • Mifepristone drug will block your hormone progesterone. Blocking hormone progesterone will stop growing your embryo and pregnancy will end.
  • After taking misoprostol drug the womb fails to contract with the uterus.
  • You will have heavy bleeding and cramping within a few hours after taking this drug.
  • Another one abortion pill is methotrexate, taking this one either by your mouth or inserting them into your vagina will kill your embryo and stops your pregnancy.
  • Vacuum aspiration is another one method of abortions in the first trimester.
  • Up to the 12th week of pregnancy, one can use the method vacuum aspiration. It is used to remove the tissue from the uterus by suction and it will clean your vagina and cervix. It is not a painful method.
Facts about abortion
Facts about abortion


Second trimesters:

  • D&E method means Dilation and  Evacuation. It can be done in a combination of three methods like vacuum aspiration, forceps or curette, and D & C method.
  • It is also known as surgical abortion.
  • Second trimesters can be done between the period of 13th to 28th weeks of pregnancy.
  • Firstly doctor widens your cervix. To make cervix expand it will take one day.
  • It uses special medical tools like surgical tongs or curette tool which scrapes away the uterine lining and then the doctor inserts a medical tube into the uterus and the Cannula tube will remove everything inside the uterus with the help of vacuum.
  • Induction abortion is another method used in the second trimesters. It can be done with the help of pain-relieving medicines. Medicines are inserted into the uterus and then the fetus will be removed with the help of the curette tool.


Third trimesters:

  • After the period of 28 weeks in the pregnancy time, Some countries will not allow the abortion because it is a serious risk to the woman’s life.
  • It can be also done with Induction abortion and D&E method.


Side effects:

Side effects of abortion are vomiting, sweating, dizziness, nausea, blood clots, fever, bleeding, headache, and cramping.


These are some facts about abortion and this will help the woman during the pregnancy period. We will constantly update more information about abortion and woman’s health through this site.

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