Facts about Adolf Hitler

You are not living in this world if you never heard of the name Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler is one of the most brutal dictators in the history of mankind. He is the leader of the German Nazi party from 1883-1945. He served as a leader of the Nazi party and he was the chancellor of German from 1933 to 1945. In other words, we can call Nazi party as National socialist German workers party. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Austria. His mother died from cancer and four years later his father also died. Here we are going to see some of the interesting and unknown facts about the evilest man that the world has ever seen.

Facts about Adolf Hitler
             Facts about Adolf Hitler

History of Adolf Hitler

  • He left his school at the age sixteen. To pursue his academic career he went to Vienna. He was more interested in painting and he is a good artist.
  • That’s why he naturally likes German classic artists.
  • But he could not pursue his career as a painter. He lived in the shelters for homeless people.
  • We all know Adolf Hitler as a fascist and cruel leader but he is more of a charismatic person.
  • Adolf Hitler acclaimed for this bravery in the battlefield after he joined the Bavarian reserve regiment.
  • He was imprisoned in the year 1924 for treason.
  • Hitler had many injuries and various sickness but one of the very specific diseases he had is the Parkinson’s disease. Many say that this disease affected his decision-making skills in world war 2.
  • The dictator directly expressed his hatred towards Jews in his book “Mein Kampf”.
  • During the first world war, due to the attack from mustard gas, he got temporarily blind.

Unknown facts about Adolf Hitler

  • Adolf Hitler was actually spying on the Nazi party before he joins the group.
  • The Dictator’s greatest inspiration was the Martin Luther King.
  • He can deliver a powerful speech for 3-4 hours even without drinking a glass of water.
Facts about Adolf Hitler
             Facts about Adolf Hitler
  • The American secret service tried to put female hormones in the food served to Hitler to make him more feminine during the second world war.
  • He does not remove his coat even though the climate is too hot outside.
  • Adolf Hitler was a paranoid person, so he keeps a person alongside to taste the food being served for him to check whether any poison is added or not.
  • Hitler was nationless for seven years until he got citizenship again in 1932 at Austria.
  • He was awarded Iron cross first class on August 1918 due to his contribution in Germany during world war 1.
  • The shape of Hitler’s mustache is very famous and became funnier after the entry of Charlie Chaplin.
  • Initially, Hitler had a huge mustache. But during world war 1, the soldiers were experiencing mustard gas and other dangerous gas. Hitler tried to put the mask, but due to his huge mustache, he could not able to completely lock the respiratory.
  • His higher official ordered him to shave his mustache, but Hitler had other ideas. He shaved it like toothbrush shape.
The Famous Nazi salute
             The Famous Nazi salute

Adolf Hitler the brutal dictator

  • Hitler is not a great fan of communism and Judaism and believes that it is the two greatest evil on earth.
  • He hated Jews so much that he wants to exterminate them from Germany.
  • He is responsible for the death of more than 70 million people during world war 2.
  • In addition, he is responsible for the mass genocide of the Jews.
  • Similarly, 78 percent of the total Jewish population or around 7,30,000 were brutally killed by this cruel dictator.
  • By late 1930s the Nazi army executed a secret plan that aimed to give birth to the Aryan master race of children with blonde hair and blue eye.
  • For this cruel idea, Hitler hired women to give birth to this specific race.
  • Adolf Hitler has more than 1200 concentration and death camps. Until their death the Nazi army let the jews to suffer in the camp.
  • However, Hitler has never been to any of this concentration camp.
  • Hitlers’s real family name is Schicklgruber.
  • No one would believe that Hitler received Time magazine’s Man of the year award in 1938.

Another side of The Dictator

  • Hitler loves to go to the circus, particularly he likes the acrobats.
  • The Greatest dictator loves to watch Disney movies.
  • Many say that Hitler spends lavishly and wish to live a luxury life.
  • He is a good artist.
  • During 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals. President Franklin d Roosevelt didn’t grant any price however, Hitler sent Owens a cabinet which is inscribed by the photograph of himself.
  • While the Hitler government formed in the 1933 January, Hitler says there will be no more animal cruelty in his new reign and has passed an animal protection law.
Facts about Adolf Hitler
           Unknown Facts about Adolf Hitler
  • Above all, the profit from Hitler’s ” Mein Kampf” and his artwork all goes to charity. But of them hesitate because they consider it as blood money.

Other unknown facts about  Adolf Hitler

  • Hitler’s favorite actor Johannes Heesters, a Dutch passes away at the age of 108.
  • Hitler wanted to be a priest during his childhood and has been a part of the church choir.
  • He lost three of his siblings out of six when he was too young.
  • Hitler has a habit of consuming cocaine at least twice a day and even his eyedrops contain a small amount of drug in it.
  • The dictator loves to whistle for songs like ” When you wish upon a star” and ” Whos afraid of the big bad wolf”?.
  • He wanted to open a museum for the German Aryan race. He ordered to not destroy the paintings, valuable and artifacts that belong to Jews.
  • Above all those weird things, Hitler was nominated for noble peace price in the year 1939 which is such an irony.
  • It is said that the dictator has injected himself with the extracts from prostate glands and testicles of young bull to improve his sexual drives.

Unfortunately, the greatest dictator committed suicide. History cannot forget who the Adolf Hitler is. Hitler once said to his army about kengis khan that the King is the greatest murderer and responsible for millions of brutal death, but the world still remembers him as a great king and a warrior. It matters that how many people  Hitler have killed, but still, he remains as one of the greatest dictators in the history. We will constantly update more facts about Adolf Hitler and other great dictators.

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