Facts About Alcohol And Its Varieties

One of the most common addictive substances in the world is alcohol. It can affect human beings both physiologically and behaviorally. Alcohol is like a drug, it slows down the thinking and actions of the human and also affects the brain and all parts of the body. One in every 12 adults suffer from alcohol abuse and it can affect all the aspects of a person’s life. According to the survey of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 56 percent of American adults addicted to alcohol. Nearly 31 percent of rock stars deaths are related to alcohol. Below are some interesting facts about alcohol.

Facts about alcohol
Facts about alcohol

Facts about alcohol:

  • Alcohol is the 3rd leading lifestyle to cause death worldwide.
  • Excessive alcohol can cause nearly 30 years of a single human being’s life.
  • Nearly 40% of United States hospital beds are being used to treat the health condition of alcohol-consuming patients.
  • 3.5% of cancer deaths happen due to more consumption of alcohol.
  • Coffee reverses the damage of liver disease caused by alcohol.
  • Flies drink alcohol when sexually frustrated.
  • Alcoholic beverages like wine, beer and spirits are actually ethyl alcohol. This type of alcohol causes less damage to the human body.
  • Alcohol takes only six minutes to react on the brain cells. It kills one person every 10 seconds worldwide.
  • The signs of alcohol overdose are Confusion, Vomiting, Seizures, Trouble breathing, Slow heart rate, Clammy skin, and Low body temperature.
  • People drinks slowly when alcohol serves in straight sided glasses than it served in curved shaped glasses research found.
Facts about alcohol
Facts about alcohol

Things you did not know about alcohol:

  • Most of the fruits and vegetables contain a small amount of alcohol.
  • In some countries, the legal drinking age is less than 16 years.
  • 50 million people are drunk right now it is nearly 0.7% of the world population.
  • The Billionaire vodka is the most expensive vodka in the world. It costs 3.75 million dollars.
  • The country with most beer drinking population in the Czech Republic, consumption of almost 40 gallons in a year.
  • The high school in Europe serves alcohol to students in their cafeteria.
  • World’s popular liquor drink is vodka which is being consumed 5 billion liters every year.
  • One of the world’s heaviest drinker is Sir Winston Churchill.
  • Bottle of champagne has 40 million bubbles approximately.
  • To make a bottle of red wine you need around 600 grapes.
  • There are more than 5,00,000 alcohol deaths in Russia every year.
Varieties of Alcohol
Varieties of Alcohol

Varieties of alcohol:

Here we are going to let you know the different kinds of alcoholic beverages

1. Vodka:

  • Vodka is mainly made from potatoes and cereal grains. Some brands of the vodka also made from substances like fruits and sugar.
  • The term vodka comes from the Russian word “voda”, which means water. Vodka is lighter than water, one liter of water is equal to 1000 grams but vodka contains only 950 grams.
  • The alcoholic content of vodka is 35% – 95%.
  • It helps to cure toothaches.
  • Drinking vodka can increase the blood flow in your body which can prevent clots, strokes and other heart diseases.
Vodka facts
Vodka facts


2. Whiskey:

  • Whiskey is made from fermented grain mash. It is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage.
  • The alcoholic content of whiskey is 40% – 68%.
  • It increases the immune system of the human body and also reduces the weight of fat persons. Whiskey offers 250 calories of energy.
  • Some of the health benefits of whiskey are weight loss, control diabetes, maintain a healthy cholesterol level, longevity increases and boost the immune system.
Whiskey facts
Whiskey facts


3. Brandy :

  • Brandy is made from spirits produced by distilling wine.
  • The alcoholic content of brandy is 35% – 60%.
  • It helps to cure soothes sore throats. Research suggests drinking of brandy can prevent cancer. It contains a chemical acid substance which helps to kill the cancerous cell in the human body.
  • Excess intake and addiction cause various side effects. It damages the liver, heart, kidney and other organs.
  • Addiction to brandy hampers your nervous system.
Brandy facts
Brandy facts


4. Rum:

  • One of the most loved alcoholic drink is rum. It is made by using the products of sugarcane and sugarcane juice.
  • Alcoholic content of rum is 37.5% – 80%. Actually, Rum offers 230 calories of energy.
  •  It mainly helps to cure a common cold. Rum also helps to reduce the heart problems and cholesterol in the blood.
  • Side effects of Rum are diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration.
Rum facts
Rum facts


5. Gin:

  • Gin is similar to the liquor vodka. It is made from juniper berries
  • It can help to fight from cold, liver and kidney disease. Alcoholic content in the Gin is 36% – 50%.
  • Actually, Benefits of Gin are strengthening the immune system, reducing the pain in the body, treating malaria.
  • It increases the blood circulation to boost energy levels
  • Addiction can cause side effects like hangover, dehydration, headaches, and nausea.
Gin facts
Gin facts


6. Beer:

  • Beer is the oldest and most consumed alcoholic drink in the world. The third most popular drink in the world only after tea and water.
  • Snake venom is the strongest beer in the world it contents 67.5% of alcoholic content. In Russia beer is not considered as an alcoholic beverage since 2013.
  • Some of the benefits of beer are Increase the bone density, prevents human from anemia disease and gallstones, also improves digestion.
  • Actually, Beer having high potassium and magnesium which reduces the risk of forming kidney stones.
Beer facts
Beer facts


7. Wine:

  • Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes.
  • The largest producers of wine in the world are Italy, Spain, and France.
  • The alcoholic content in wine is 4.5% -13.5%.
  • Health benefits of wine are regulation of blood pressure, better metabolism and boost the immune system.
  • It mainly maintains good Cardiac Health.
Wine facts
Wine facts


8. Champagne:

  • Champagne is a sparkling wine and highly used in EU countries. Expensive champagne cost around $2.07 million dollars.
  • Longest flight of a champagne cork was 54 meters, it is more than half of a football field. Currently more than 1 billion champagne bottles storage worldwide.
  • It is used as a sign of celebration in sports like Formula One and Moto GP.
champagne facts
champagne facts


9. Cocktail:

  • Cocktail is a mixed drink with alcohol. Actually, it is the combination of one or more spirits with other ingredients such as fruit juice, syrup or cream. The alcoholic content of cocktail is up to 12%.
  • Atomic Cocktail was served with missile shaped bottle. It is used to cure minor fever, headaches, and depression.
Cocktail facts
Cocktail facts


These are some facts about alcohol and its varieties. We will constantly update more merits and demerits about alcohol through this site. Most importantly don’t Drink and Drive

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