Facts About Antarctica

The Biggest desert present in this world is Antarctica. In Earth, Antarctica is the coldest place when compared to other continents. Not only high in cold but also high in climate condition like Windest and driest. Antarctica is located in the southern part of the world, So it is called as a southernmost continent of the earth. In the Greek language, the word Antarctica means Opposed to the North. The surface area of Antarctica is the fifth largest in size compared to other continents. The area in Square kilometers is 14,000,000. The Average thickness of the ice present in Antarctica is 1.2 km. Nearly 98% of the surface area is covered by ice. A research found that not even a single human lives in Antarctica permanently. The population of the Antartica in the summer season is nearly 1000 and the winter season is about only 200.

Facts About Anatarctica
Facts About Antarctica

In the year 1959, 12 countries signed in the Antartica Treaty. Until now, 46 countries signed in agreement. Almost 90% of the world’s Natural ice present in Antarctica. Military activities and Mineral mining are prohibited in Antartica. Similarly, Nuclear explosion is also banned in this place. Another name of Antarctica is White Continent.


Facts about Antarctica:

  • In the year 1983, The lowest temperature on the earth was ever recorded in Antarctica’s Vostok station. The lowest temperature range is-89.2° C.
Low temperature
  • Similarly, The highest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica is 17.2 degree Celsius. The temperature condition on Antarctica is too cold. So it is difficult for humans to live in this place.
High temperature
  • It is also the windest continent. The speed of winds can touch up to 320 km/h.
Wind flow
  • Nearly 90% of the world’s pure water present in this region.
Pure Water
  • The size of Antarctica is 1.5 times bigger than the U.S. and also it is 1.3 times bigger than Europe.
Size of Antarctica
  • Emilio Palma was the first child to born in this continent in the year 1978.
Picture of Emilio Palma at 30years
  • The Ross Ice shelf is the biggest Ice Shelves present in the Antarctica which is equal to 3.8% of the total surface area or 5,10,680 square kilometers.
Ross Ice Shelf
  • A few parts of Antarctica haven’t seen any rain or snowfall for more than 2 million years.
Dry place, No rain
  • Until now, There is no reptiles ever lived in this region.
No Reptiles
  • It is difficult to work in this place unless you should remove your wisdom teeth and appendix.
Wisdom teeth
  • The continent is split into two sections by the Transantarctic Mountains. It is 3,500 kilometers long.
Transantarctic Mountains
  • The highest peak in Antarctica is Mount Vinson. It is 16,066 ft in height.
Mount Vinson
  • There is no time zone present in this region.
No Time zone
  • There is more than 70 research station present in Antarctica that represents 29 countries.
Research station
  • If the ice sheet in Antarctica gets melted means the world’s ocean level will increase to 75 meters.
Ice Melting

Other Interesting Facts:

  • It is very easy to find Meteorites in Antarctica. From 1970, Nearly 10,000 Meteorites have been identified in this continent. Some of the Meteorites are 7,00,000 years old.
  • The color of the Taylor Glacier waterfall is red in color.
Red blood waterfall
  • Since 1994, The popular dog like Husky dogs is completely banned in Antarctica.
Husky dogs
  • There are only two ATMs present in Antarctica which is located in the McMurdo Station.
ATM in Antarctica
  • Due to a high dry condition, Fire in the Antartica is too dangerous.
Fire accident in Antarctica
  • The volcanoes located in Antarctica is more active than any other volcanoes present in the world. The southernmost active volcano in Antarctica is Mount Erebus.
Mount Erebus Volcano
  • Once upon a time, Antarctica was as warm as today’s California.
Warm Antarctica
  • In Summer Season, Sunlight will glow for 24/7 and complete brightness throughout the day. In Winter season there is complete darkness throughout the day.
The picture shows the difference between sunlight in summer and winter season.
  • The Largest Land living animal in Antarctica is Midge. There are seven churches present in Antarctica.
  • The domain name of Antarctica is .aq. Almost 300 lakes beneath in Antarctica.
Domain name
  • The ice sheet present in Antarctica should be alive for nearly 40 million years.
Ice sheets in Antarctica
  • The size of the largest iceberg present in Antarctica is 11,000 sq km which is bigger in size than Jamaica.
Iceberg in Antarctica
  • The world’s oldest sperm cells were found in this region. Except for Antarctica, all other continents have victoria’s secret model.
Sperm cells
  • Until now, there is no U.S president has visited Antarctica. Approximately 40 airports present in this place.
Airport in Antartica


Famous animals in Antarctica:

Almost 90% of world people didn’t know about the wildlife of Antarctica. Below we are going to see some of the famous animals present in Antarctica that will blow your mind.

Leopard Seals:

Facts About Antarctica- Leopard Seal
  • Leopard seals are one of the famous animals which live in Antarctica. It can swim much faster in water and powerful hunters.
  • The weight of male leopard seals is 300kg and its length is 2.8 to 3.3m. Female leopard seals are 250 to 500kg and its length is 3.8m.
  • It can eat fish, penguins, krill, squid and some birds.
  • They are not good divers when comparing to other seals. Due to that, it can hold the breath in underwater up to 15 minutes. They can swim at a speed of 40km/h.

Emperor Penguins:

Facts About Antarctica – Emperor penguins
  • The biggest and tallest penguin creature is Emperor Penguins. The average weight of the Emperor penguins is 30kg and height is 3.8ft tall.
  • The breeding of this animal takes place between April to December month. It can eat fish, krill, squid.
  • Almost 6,00,000 Emperor penguin species present in this world. It can dive up to the depth of 1800ft and can hold the breath for 22 minutes.

Southern Elephant Seals:

Facts About Antarctica – Southern Elephant seals
  • Southern Elephant seals are another one famous animals which live in Antarctica. It can swim much faster in water and powerful hunters.
  • The weight of male Elephant seals are 1500kg to 3700kg and its length is 4.5 to 5.8m. Female seals are 350 to 800kg and its length is up to 9m.
  • It can eat fish, krills and it can regularly dive up to 300 to 500m and can hold breath 22minutes but a female elephant seal recorded depth of 1400m and nearly 120minutes it swims under the water.

Snow Petrels:

Facts About Antarctica – Snow Petrel
  • Snow petrels are birds which looks like pigeons. They are white in color with jet black beaks
  • The average weight of the snow petrels is 240 to 460g and height is 30 to 40cm
  • The breeding of this bird takes place between October to November month. It can eat fish, krill, squid.
  • Almost 4,000,000 snow petrels species present in this world.

Other Animals:

  • Some of the other Penguins variety in Antarctica is Gentoo penguins, Chinstrap penguins, Adelie penguins, King penguins etc… land Invertebrates are Nematode worms, Mite, Rotifer (wheel animal), Tardigrade (water bear), Springtail.
  • Some other seal varieties in Antarctica are Weddell Seals, Southern Fur Seals, Crabeater Seals.
  • Other animals present in this continent are whales, Krill, Wandering Albatross, Antarctic Skua, Blue Eyed Shag, Giant Petrel, Cape pigeon, Snowy Sheathbill, Arctic tern.

Unfortunately, Antartica is melting at a rapid speed than ever before posing a significant threat to the cities which lies near the coastal area. A study shows that the melting of huge icebergs in Antartica causes small changes in the gravity field of the earth. The alarming rise in sea level due to the rise in temperature disrupts the population of rare sea creatures. So it is our responsibility to stop Antartica from melting. We will constantly update more facts about various famous places all around the world.

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