Facts About Deforestation

Can you imagine our planet without a single forest area? Today here we are going to share some of the useful facts about deforestation to create awareness among the people. The destruction of the forest area by cutting the trees is known as Deforestation. Deforestation is converting the forest area to non-forest use. After deforestation, land areas are used for farms, cities, timber for industrial use, Cattle Ranching. Deforestation can cause Soil Erosion, Climate changes, Carbon dioxide stores in the soil surface, Global warming, Reduces the pure air, Oxygen level decreases, Greenhouse gases emission.

Facts About Deforestation – Go Green

Many years ago, Almost 60% of the forest area is present on the earth land surface. But today only 30% of forest area present on the earth. This will lead to complete destruction of forest area in the world. Research found that there will not be any rain forest after 100 years. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), The most of the deforestation happens in Tropical Rainforest.

Destroying nature is destroying our life


Facts About Deforestation:

  • A Research by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says that Every year earth loses nearly 18 million acres of forest area and also in a single second we lose one and a half acres of forest area.
  • Amazon is one of the major rain forests which produces 20% of the world’s oxygen.
When rainforest disappears, Rain also disappears. Cutting down trees also cuts down rainfall.
  • The leading cause of deforestation is Agriculture. We destroy the land for livestock and also plant other crops to make money by selling the products like sugarcane, palm oil.
  • If this rate of deforestation continues means, within 25 years nearly 28,000 forest species will be extinct.
Also Continues Deforestation will result in increasing the carbon dioxide and other gases, that will increase the earth temperature.
  • A research says that a huge amount of logging is also the main reason for deforestation.
  • Until now, 1/2 of the Tropical Rainforests has been destroyed.
Every single minute an area the size of 20 football field is destroying in the forest
  • By clearing the forests, Humans are making money by selling the timbers and also converting the woods to paper products.
  • All over the world, nearly 1.6 billion people need forest products for their livelihoods. So deforestation will increase every single second.


Importance of forest:

  • Rain forest produces more than 120 natural medicine which is used for people to cure diseases.
Forest produces more oxygen gas which is respiratory gas for all humans and animals in the world.
  • It decreases the soil erosion which helps to reduce soil pollution in the environment.
  • Planting more trees will absorb more carbon dioxide that will reduce air pollution.
Helps millions of species like animals, birds, and insects for their home, food, and water.
  • Scientists found that 25% of Cancer-fighting medicines are present in Amazon rain forests.


Interesting Facts:

  • Across the globe Industrialized countries using more wood products than the non-Industrialized countries. The ratio of wood products used by Industrialized countries and Non Industrialized countries is 12:1.

Continues deforestation will reduce the oxygen content because Trees plays a vital role in the ecosystem it absorbs carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen. So cutting down of trees will reduce oxygen level.

Interesting Facts About Deforestation
  • Transpiration is a process which means trees absorbing the groundwater and release that in our atmosphere. This process can make climate condition good and also produces more rainfall.
  • Due to Deforestation, Transpiration process has been slow down in the world. This affects water production and also makes a drier climate.
Interesting Facts About Deforestation
  • Almost 283 billion tons of carbon present in the world’s forests.
  • Because of spamming more than 4 million tons of junk are created online.
  • Over 45% of junk mail still goes unopened.


 Statistics of Deforestation:

  • According to the WWF due to deforestation, 15 percent of greenhouse gas emission occurs.
  • According to the University of Maryland says that Global tree cover loss reached almost 73.4 million acres.
  • In South Africa, South America and South East Asia, Every year more than 10 million hectares of forest area is converting into agricultural farming lands.
  • The United States has only 5% world’s total population but they are using more than 30% of the world’s paper.
Due to forest fire, Each day around 81,000 hectares of forest areas is burned across the globe.
  • Three countries like Japan, the United States, and Europe combine to consume 50% of the world’s total timber and 75% of the paper.
  • Every year around 8 million hectares of Tropical rain forest area has been destroyed which is equal to the size of the country Czech Republic.
  • Due to floods and bulldozer, almost 4500 acres of forest area has been cleared in every hour.
Facts about deforestation-The World Resource Institute Says that 12 to 17 percent of greenhouse gas emission occurs because of the deforestation.
  • Indonesia has more deforestation rate than any other countries in the world. It loses almost 15 million forest acres between the period 2000 to 2015.
  • A research says that a person in the United States uses an average of 700 pounds of paper per annum.
  • Nigeria loses nearly 81% of forest area due to deforestation.


There is a solution to solve:


Reducing the usage of plastic bags can slow down the deforestation.


Recycling of paper also helps to prevent deforestation.



People try to buy products with eco-friendly packaging will decrease deforestation.



Tree planting helps to develop more number of trees, that will cleaner our air. This will increases the forest area.



A lot of greenhouse gases produces in the paper industries. Paper industry is the fourth largest producer of greenhouse gases which plays a major role in deforestation. Reduce the paper industries may slow down deforestation.




Using of Canvas bags is another option to reduce deforestation.



Nearly 20 square feet of forest area can be saved through the online platform by one person.

  It is our ultimate duty to protect our mother nature. Humans are the first enemy of the environment. Before two decades we never thought that we would spend money to buy water. The same thing can happen for oxygen too. Recently Beijing, China has declared red alert because the city was totally covered by toxic smog. Also, the same situation arises in New Delhi, India. Soon it may happen to your city also. So It is our responsibility to conserve nature for the betterment of our future generation, Try to plant a sapling at least once in a month. We will constantly update more information about nature.

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