Facts About Dinosaurs

Everyone has the desire to see at least one living dinosaur in their lifetime. But unfortunately, extinction of the dinosaurs happened 65 million years ago.  Dinosaurs are the largest creature created by God in the earth. The research found that the main reason for the extinction of dinosaurs is due to climate changes and giant meteor strikes on the earth. Most of us have seen dinosaurs only through our textbooks but with the help of the director Steven Spielberg, we could able witness dinosaurs visually in the movie Jurassic Park. The movie collected a whopping $1.029 billion. Today we let you know about some of the interesting facts about dinosaurs.


They lived back in the Triassic period 230 million years ago. It ruling the land animals in the earth for more than 200 million years. The era of dinosaurs lived in the earth is known as a Mesozoic era. There are various kinds of dinosaurs present all over the world. Over 700 various species have been found worldwide. A research found that dinosaurs lived on the land during three different periods. During the 1820s, Scientist first found the bones of giant land reptiles and then they start studying about dinosaurs. The name Dinosaur ( Terrible Lizard) comes from the Greek language back in 1842,  the word dino means terrible or powerful in Greek language and Similarly, sauros means lizard and the name is given by the Scientist Richard Owen.

Facts About Dinosaurs
Facts About Dinosaurs

Young Children are more curious than adults and more interest in knowing about dinosaurs. Most of the children definitely ask at least one question about dinosaurs to their parents.


Facts About Dinosaurs
Facts About Dinosaurs

The era of dinosaurs:

The dinosaur era is split into three periods 1.Triassic 2. Jurassic 3. Cretaceous

Triassic Period:

  • In this period most of the dinosaurs are meat eaters and they live back in 220 million years ago.

Jurassic Period:

  • Next to the Triassic period is the Jurassic period. In this period dinosaurs became the leading creature in the world
  • They survived in this period because earth helps them both in the form of good climate condition and also lots of plants started growing.
  • During that period, they started to eat plants also. It is between 206 million years to 144 million years ago.

Cretaceous Period:

  • It is the last period where dinosaurs lived in this world. It is between 146 to 127 million years ago.
  • The most famous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in this period only.


Facts about dinosaurs:

  • Scientist founds that  Eoraptor is the oldest known dinosaur in this world. It is a meat eater and which lived nearly 220 million years ago.


Facts About Dinosaurs - Eoraptor
Facts About Dinosaurs – Eoraptor


  • We didn’t know about the color of the dinosaurs still it is unpredictable. Because no humans were alive during that dinosaurs period.
  • Not all the dinosaurs can fly and live in the water, only few can swim in the water and fly in the air. Almost 90% of dinosaurs hatch from the eggs.


Facts About Dinosaurs
Facts About Dinosaurs – Dinosaurs Eggs


  • The research found that the life span of dinosaurs is 70 to 300 years. Size of the dinosaur’s brain is very small which is equal to the size of a walnut.
  • Dinosaurs lived in all the seven continents even in Antartica also.
  • According to the Structure of the dinosaur’s hips, it is classified into two groups. One group has lizard-like hipped structure present in the body and Bird like hipped structure presents in the other group of dinosaurs.


Facts About Dinosaurs
Saurischia is Lizard Hipped Structure and Ornithischia is Bird Hipped Structure

Other Interesting facts:

  • Today more than 330 dinosaurs species discovered by Scientist. It is still increasing every year.
  • Scientists believe that dinosaurs are still living in this world in the form of birds. They aren’t really dead.
  • A type of dinosaurs evolve from the birds is known as Theropods.


Facts About Dinosaurs


  • Megalosaurus is the name of the first dinosaur which was invented in the year 1824.
  • In movie Jurassic Park, the Sound of the dinosaurs is recorded from the tortoise while having sex.
Facts About Dinosaurs
Facts About Dinosaurs – Jurassic Park Movie
  • Around 40% of Americans still think that dinosaurs and human beings lived in the same era.
  • Recent research founds that more than 5000 footprints of dinosaurs present in Bolivia.


Facts About Dinosaurs
Facts About Dinosaurs – Footprint of dinosaur


  • Scientists say that a huge number of dinosaurs lived in the Cretaceous period only.
  • Micropachycephalosaurus is the longest name of the dinosaur which is found in China.

5 famous dinosaurs :

  • There are different types of dinosaurs present in the world in that some of them are carnivores it eats only meat. Some of them are herbivores it eats only plants and few are omnivores eats both meat and plants
  • Similarly, some of the dinosaurs walk in two legs and a few walks in four legs.
  • The Biggest dinosaur in the world is Sauropod which is more than 50 feet tall and 190 feet long.
  • The smallest dinosaur in the world is Mouse Lizard. Size of the mouse lizard is equal to the size of the chicken


1.Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Tyrannosaurs Rex is the most famous dinosaur and it is also known as the king of  dinosaurs
  • The word Tyrannosaurs means Tyrant Lizard in Greek language and Rex means king in Latin.
  • T-Rex lived 66 million years ago back in Cretaceous Period. They walked in two legs
  • It belongs to the meat-eating family. A research found that they are 42ft in length 13ft at the hip and it weighs up to 7 tons.
  • Structure of the Tyrannosaurs Rex is Lizard Hipped.


2. Velociraptor:

  • You can see velociraptor in two popular movies Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.
  • The name Velociraptor is known as swift seizer.
  • Back in 1922, Mongolian Gobi desert first velociraptor species was discovered by scientists.
  • Size of the velociraptor is 6.6ft in length, 1.6ft at the hip and it weighs up to 15kg.
  • Structure of the Velociraptor is Lizard Hipped. It is a meat eater
  • Some of the NBA basketball teams using their team names and logo as popular dinosaurs names and pictures. For example, Toronto Raptors is a famous basketball team name.


 3. Stegosaurus:

  • Stegosaurs mean Roof Lizard in Greek language and it is a plant-eating dinosaur.
  • Stegosaurs lived 150 million years ago, During the Jurassic period, Stegosaurs were found in Western North America and recently a research indicates it also lived in Europe.
  • Size of the velociraptor is 30ft in length 14ft at the hip and it weighs up to 5 metric tons.
  • Stegosaurus enters the state dinosaurs list in the US state of Colorado
  • Structure of the Stegosaurs is Bird Hipped.


4. Brachiosaurus:

  • In 1900 very first fossil of brachiosaurs were found near the Colorado River in the United States.
  • Most of the brachiosaurs lived in the North America region. Elmer Riggs was the first person who founded the brachiosaurs in North America and he shows the bones of brachiosaurs in the famous America museum.
  • Brachiosaurs is known as Arm Lizard. They walked in four legs and it is a plant-eating dinosaur.
  • Size of the velociraptor is 85ft in length and it weighs up to 45 metric tons.
  • Structure of the Brachiosaurs is Lizard Hipped.
  • You can see brachiosaurs in popular movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.


5. Triceratops:

  • The name Triceratops is known as Three Horned Face.
  • Size of the is 26ft in length, 10ft at the hip and it weighs up to 12 tons.
  • It has three horns on the head which is trying to protect from the dangerous Tyrannosaurs Rex.
  • Structure of the Stegosaurs is Bird Hipped. It is a plant-eating dinosaur.
  • Triceratops lived 66 million years ago back in Cretaceous Period.
  • Structure of the Triceratops is Bird Hipped.


The mightiest creatures ever lived on earth is the dinosaurs but unfortunately, they couldn’t able to survive the climate change and meteor strikes. Many research from various scientist and organization have found many details and information about dinosaurs. Still, research on dinosaurs is progressing with the help of their fossils like bones footprints and their eggs. We will constantly update more details about animals through this site.


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