Facts about elephants

If you are a person who loves adventure, sure your bucket list would consist of an elephant ride into the deep green forest. It is every child’s desire to perch atop the giant mammal. They are the largest land mammal living on the earth. Elephants are one of the smartest and intelligent animals on the planet. Elephants are considered to be one of the most social animals. But remember that it is still a wild animal. Here we are going to see some of the interesting and unknown facts about the elephants.

Interesting facts about elephants
Interesting facts about elephants


Interesting facts about elephants

  • Elephants are the biggest animals on the planet.
  • The family of wild elephants are called herds.
An elephant herd
An elephant herd
  • They always stay in a group to protect themselves and search for food.
  • Sometimes they allow strangers to join their group but it is very rare.
  • The leader of the herd is usually the oldest female called the Matriarch.
  • A young male elephant stays with the herd until it becomes 15 years old.
  • A typical African elephant can weigh up to a maximum of 6000 kg and can grow up to 3.3 metre
  • The Asian elephant can weigh up to a 5400kg and can grow up to a maximum of2.7 metre.
  • The average lifespan of an elephant is from 50 to 70 years.
  • The word Elephant comes from the Greek word “elephas” which means ivory.
  • Elephant trunks consist of more than 1,00,000 muscles.
Facts about elephants
Facts about elephants
  • They use it to pick things, produce noise and drink water.
  • Elephant trunks weigh up to 400 pounds.
  • A grown adult elephant can lift around 300 kilograms of weight with its trunks.
Facts about elephants
Facts about elephants
  • However, in many cases, it reaches up to 500 kilograms.
  • Also, the trunks can use for the delicate purpose, in other words, it can even lift a small needle with its trunk.
  • The gestation period of an average elephant is 22 months which is longest among land mammals.
Image of baby elephant inside the womb
Image of a baby elephant inside the womb
  • It carries their young baby nearly two years before giving birth.
  • So naturally, the mother love towards its calves is unconditional.
  • The calves weigh around 90 kg and usually, the elephant gives birth to its calves during the night.
Facts about elephants
Facts about elephants
  • World elephant day is celebrated on August 12th.

There are three major types of elephants are there in the world now

  1. The Asian elephant.
  2. The African elephant.
  3. the savannah elephant species. aka (The African bush elephants)

Unknown facts about elephants

  • The weight of the brain of an average African elephant is 5.4 kg which is the largest brain size of a mammal living on the earth.
  • These intelligent creatures can recognize every member of their herd by sight and smell.
  • Many research says that an elephant can recognize themselves in the mirror.
Facts about elephants
Facts about elephants
  • In addition, other mammals like humans, apes, and dolphins can recognize themselves.
  • Scientists believe this is a sign of greater self-awareness.
  • The oldest known elephant in the world lived for 86 years.
  • The Sumatran elephant is considered to be the most endangered Asian species.
  • Elephants communicate with each other through vocalization.
  • After that, the vocalization is also used to know the eagerness to mate.
  • Elephant memory is not only restricted to its herd but also more than that.
  • An incident happened where two circus elephants recognized each other after a separation of 23 years.
  • An adult male tusk grows up to 7 inches a year.
The massive tusk of a grown elephant
The massive tusk of a grown elephant
  • Both male and female African elephant grows long tusk. But in the case of the Asian elephant, only the male tend to grow the tusk.
  • One of the most favourite dishes of the mighty creature is banana.
  • Elephants have two types of gaits, a slower one and the faster which is similar to running.
  • And the only animal that cannot jump is the mighty elephant.
  • Elephants directly contributing to afforestation. They eat up to 150 kg per day. So their dung actually consists of many seeds and naturally, it acts as manure.

Other important facts about Elephants

  • Elephants exhibit empathy similarly as humans show with each other.
Unknown facts about elephants
Unknown facts about elephants
  • And also shows emotion and capable of expressing emotions like grief.
  • But when the testosterone level increases in the adult male, it can become extremely dangerous.
  • At that time the male will be searching for a female partner. In other words, the behaviour of the elephant will become brutal.
  • After that, it will destroy everything on its way.
An angry elephant destroying a car
An angry elephant destroying a car
  • A grown adult eat around 150 kg of food per day.
  • The food of an elephant mostly consists of grass, leaves, flowers, fruits and branches of the tree.
  • Though the elephants are incredibly large it can easily swim and make us think that it is a just piece of cake.
Elephant loves to play in water
Elephant loves to play in the water
  • Elephants wrap their trunks around the other members and younger members of the herd to express their love.
  • Another one unknown facts about elephants are that they are afraid of bees.
  • Farmers use beehives to protect elephant from destroying their land.

But these fascinating creatures are facing the threat of extinction. It is mainly due to poachers from the poaching underworld. They are hunted for their tusk. The value of an Elephant’s tusk is high on the illegal market. And other factors of the decrease in the population of these lovely creatures is deforestation and habitat loss. We human destroy the forest area and convert it into agricultural land and concrete jungle. So they often come to the urban area in search of food and water. It is our responsibility to protect the elephants. We will constantly update more information about wildlife.

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