Facts About Honey Bees

Hey friends, Today our article is facts about honey bees. Bees belong to the category of Hymenoptera. Hymenoptera also includes insects like ants, wasps, and sawflies. Except  Antarctica, Bees are living in all the continents. Due to the heavy cold condition, they cannot survive in Antarctica.




Facts About Honey Bees

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Bees are classified into four categories 

  1. Bumblebees
  2. Stingless bees
  3. Solitary bees or Carpenter Bees
  4. Honey bees

From that today we are going to see about Honey bees,

Honey Bees:

Honeybees live in a large form of group and we can find honey bees all over the world. Honeybees belong to the member of genus Apis. In flowers, it collects the nectars. From that, it has the ability to store and produce honey. The honey bees are social flying insects, they live for many years. because honeybees huddle together and store the honey to eat during the winter season. This helps them to live for many years. The study of honeybees is called as Melittology. The other name of honeybees is known as European honeybees and Western honeybees.

Facts About Honey Bees

Honeybees having solid bodies covered with hairs to which it can help for pollen adheres. It is as a pollinator of crops all over the world. In UnitedStates, it pollinates around 100 crops. Back in the 1600s, it was founded by Spanish and English settlers.

There are three kinds of Honeybees: Queen bees, Male drone, and worker bees.

Facts About Honey Bees
  • Queenbees produces hundreds of eggs.
  • Male drone bees always mate with the queen bees. Therefore, after mating male drone will die. Stinger not present in the male drone.
  • Worker bees do other tasks like cleaning feeding baby bees and help food for queen bees. All the worker bees are females

 “The Voice of the garden is the hum of the bees” 

Structure of Honeybees:

Facts About Honey Bees
  • The size of the honeybees is about 1/2 inch.
  • The color of the honeybees is Mustard yellow and brown.
  • The shape of the bees is oval in shape.
  • Honeybees have five eyes; two compound eyes and three ocelli eyes
  • There are six legs, wings and antenna present in the honey bees.
  • The brain of the honeybee has 900 cells.
  • It belongs to the kingdom of Animalia.
  • A research says that bees have two stomachs; one for food and another one is for nectar.

Facts About Honeybees:

  • Honey consists of 80% of sugar and 20% of water.
  • Only insects in the earth which make foods to the people are honeybees.
  • Nearly 4500 years ago, the practice of beekeeping was started.
  • From the result of pollination, we eat around one-third of food which belongs to honeybee pollination.
  • Throughout the life span, A single worker bee can fly around a distance of 1.5 times the circumference of the earth.
Facts About Honey Bees – Honeybee eggs


  • In a single day,  A queen bee will lay more the 2,500 eggs.
  • The oldest Fermented beverage in the world is mead. it is also made from the fermented honey.
  • Due to natural preservatives, bacteria can’t grow in the honey.
  • A single honeybee can fly around the speed of 15mph. It can fly around 24kms per hour. The wings of honey bees can beat 200 times in a second and also it beats 12,000 times in a single minute.
Honeybee collecting nectar
  • Bees suck up the liquids from the proboscis. proboscis means straw-like tongues. it also has mandibles for chew.
  • During the summer season, around 50,000 to 80,000 bees present in a single beehive. To make one pound of honey, A bee needs to collect nectar from 2 million flowers.
  • A single bee can give only about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in their life span.
  • By using chemical scents, bees communicate with each other. Chemical scents are known as pheromones.
  • The life span of honey bees is about four to six weeks.
Only worker bees attack humans
  • Honeycombs look like a hexagon in shape because it holds the most amount of honey.
  • During a collection trip, it can visit around 50 to 100 flowers for collecting nectar.

“Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.”


Medicines in the honeybee:

Facts About Honey Bees
  • Sore throats, Skin problems, and Hayfever can be cure from the honey.
  • Fructose and glucose are present in the honey which helps for the digestion of the human body.
  • An antioxidant present in the honey helps to improve the brain function of the body.
  • Honey having vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which maintain the human body healthy.
  • Honey is the only food that contains pinocembrin.
  • Bee venom can cure arthritis and high blood pressure also.

“Four Stages of bee development: Egg, Larvae, Pupae, and Adultbee.”

Unknown facts about honeybees:

  • Maine’s national insect is a honeybee.
  • Honey is sweeter than the table sugar.
  • Bees cannot sleep at night and bees was first found in the King Tut’s tomb.
  • There are 20,000 to 60,000 bees present in a single group in that they have only one queen bee.
  • Every year, People in the United States consume 1.30 pounds of honey and also 212,000 beekeepers present in America.
  • Most importantly In a single beehive, it produces products like Honey, wax, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly.
Honeybee Hive
  • Bees can produce nearly 100 pounds of honey in a single beehive.
  • Melissa is the other name of honey bee comes from the Greek word and it also resembles the symbol of love, beauty, and fertility for Greeks.
  • The sense of smelling by bees is more powerful than the dogs.
  • Countries like North Dakota, South Dakota, and California produces more amount of honey in the world.

 “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” is the famous quote by Albert Einstein.

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For some people, bees are simply a disturbance. They only know bees for honey and buzzing around. The honey bees have been disappearing at an extremely high rate. This alarming situation must be controlled. To protect human, one should protect honey bees. In simple word If bees don’t exist, humans too will not exist. Pollination is the key factor for the survival of agriculture. And Honeybees playing a vital role in protecting agriculture. They are indirectly responsible for the food on your plate. So be responsible and know the importance of honeybees and their contribution to the environment. We will constantly update more information about other animals.

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