Facts About Valentine’s Day

Every year we are celebrating Valentine’s day on February 14th. This day is considered to be the most romantic day of the year. On this day couples all over the world express their love to spouses, partners and sweetheart persons.  Couples show their love to partners by giving Valentine cards, chocolate, flowers and attractive love gift’s. The valentine’s day symbols are Roses, Heart shape balloons, Cupid with arrows. The plenty of us didn’t know where did it come from. We also didn’t know how it becomes this much famous all over the world. Let see some of the interesting facts about valentine’s day.

Facts About Valentine’s Day

Do you know where did Valentine’s day come from?

In the third century, A.D. Roman priest in Italy named Saint Valentinus. He executes a marriage to the soldier who is Claudius II war group. Emperor was not impressed with the incident done by Saint Bishop Valentinus. Soldiers in the Claudius II group was not permitted to getting married. Because soldiers are not able to concentrate on the fighting in the wars. They might be distracted from the family sentiments so that Rome Emperor not allowed marriage for the soldiers. The priest secretly performed a marriage to the soldiers. Due to that incident, he was jailed by Emperor. Meanwhile, In jail, he wrote the last love letter to the jailor’s daughter. At the end of the letter, he signs as “from your Valentine”. That love note becomes too famous and Saint Valentinus was hanged on February 14th. Since then it was celebrated as Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine.


History of Valentine’s day:

  • In history, it is also believed that Valentine’s day actually comes from the famous festival in Rome called Pagan fertility festival. The Pagan fertility festival is also known as Lupercalia.
  • In the 1300s, February 14th is officially declared as a holiday all over the world.
  • The very first Valentines was written back in the 15th Century by Charles, Duke of Orleans. He wrote his valentines to his wife when he was in jail. Charles penned a love poem to his wife.
  • Until the 17th century, there is no use of valentine’s card or letters. In the 1800s, valentine’s day cards become more famous and people started to express their love through cards and letters.
  • The symbol of showing love by using the box of chocolates was started in the year 19th century.
  • During the year 1866 Chase’s brothers plan to print love message on the candies and that kind of candies become more popular. So brother also plans to improve the business by making heart-shaped candies back in 1901.


Facts about Valentine’s Day:

The most popular symbol on Valentine’s day is cupid. cupid is a Greek god and also the son of Venus. Cupid means love and beauty.
  • After Christmas, The valentine’s day is the second most popular day by sending cards to people.
  • Almost 55 million roses are given to their spouses, partners or sweetheart on valentine’s day
  • Approximately 27% of women buy flowers on this special day and the remaining 73% of men buy flowers on lovers day.
Around 8 billion heart-shaped candies are manufactured by company Necco each year
  • Every year nearly 55% of Americans spending an amount of $18.2 billion in Valentine’s day.
  • Americans spend $1.7 billion on chocolates alone every year.  An Average American man spends $150 on 14th February.
  • Each year almost 140 million Valentine’s cards selling in the United States on this day and also 9million Americans brought gifts to their pet animals.
  • In America, after December, February is a more popular month for proposals.
More than 60% of red roses in America are grown in Calfornia.
  • A survey says that almost six million couples engaged on February 14th. Flowers are the most famous valentine’s day gift
  • Also, nearly 220 million roses send to his lovable partners by Americans.


Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day:

  • A single kiss on valentine’s day is considered to be a symbol of good luck for all years.
  • Every year condom sales are increases to 20% to 30% on February 14th.
  • An amount of at least 36million heart-shaped candy boxes sold each year.
Facts About Valentine’s Day – Heart Shaped Candy box
  • An Average man spends $120 on Valentine’s day which is two times more than the woman spends.
  • Alexander Graham Bell applied for his telephone copyrights in 1876 on 14th February and also Penicillin was discovered in the year 1929 on the same day.
  • Almost 1,000 love letters have been addressed to Juliet on this special day in Italian City, Verona.
Facts About Valentine’s Day – Valentine week
  • Since 2011, Valentine’s day was banned in the country Iran.
  • Actually, Groundhog Day is observed on February 14th only. February month is also the mating season for a lot of birds.
  • Titanic, Ghost, The Notebook, P.S. I Love You, and The Bridges of Madison County, are some popular movies loved by couples all over the world.
Facts About Valentine’s Day – Color of roses
  • Each year almost 2 lakhs wedding proposals received on Valentine’s day.
  • Meanwhile, In 1537 it was officially declared as a public holiday in England. King Henry VII declared February 14th as St valentine’s holiday.
  • Lace is mainly used on Valentine decorations. The word Lace means snare or net which symbols to catch the person’s heart.
  • One billion valentine’s cards exchanged on this day annually.
Facts About Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Card
  • John Barrymore, Jimmy Hoffa, Jack Benny, Carl Bernstein, Renée Fleming, and Florence Henderson are some famous people born on Valentine’s day.
  • Surprisingly, Age group between 6 to 10 receives nearly 600 valentine’s card every year. Likewise, Teacher’s also receives the fourth highest valentine’s card followed by family, friends, and couples.


There is a lot to say about Valentine’s day. This is a very special day for most of us. It is a chance to express their unconditional love to their partners. It is still celebrated secretly amongst the youngsters in many countries, though their parents hate this day. Couples find a lot of creative ways to propose their better halves. Most of us eagerly waiting for this day to propose our loved ones. Hope you too have someone to express your love. We will constantly update more information about famous days.

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