[GCam APK]- Download and Install the Latest version of Google Pixel Camera APK on your Android device

Android Phones or Smart Phones have a lot of features, in that Smartphone Cameras have come a long way. Smart Phone cameras have different variety of features today. Nowadays even the budget Android Phones have cameras with high-quality pixels. If you are using other smartphones than Google Pixel means, You have noticed that the clarity of the images or Picture quality isn’t good compares to Google Pixel. Below we provide you the complete details of GCam APK.

The Google Pixel is a Smart Phone that can beat every single Andriod phones when it comes to cameras means Because the Software using in the Google Pixel gives you the good quality Compares to other smartphones. In Google Pixel, Google’s machine learning process and general coding wizardry are two important sources behind the pixel is so good with taking Photos and videos. Immediately a question will arise, how to get the Pixel’s camera software in my smartphone and how to replicate the same Pixel camera features in my phone.

Answer for both the question is provided in this article. So follow the instructions in this article. We can help you about how to install the Google Pixel Camera APK in your Smartphone.

What is GCam or GooglePixel Camera APK?

GCam or Google Pixel Camera is the Camera Apps used in the Google Pixel Mobiles. The Google Pixel Camera is mainly discovered for Google devices. So, it cannot be installed directly on any other smartphones by downloading the app in the play store. It can be used in other smartphones by doing some modifications. High Popularity of this GCam app is due to having great features such as Manual settings, RAW image capture, HDR+ Portrait Mode, Boomerang, etc…

We can get the Google Camera app in almost all the Android Phones by using GCam APK. Without rooting or modding can did it in a simple way by installing GCam APK in your phone. It is one of the simplest ways to improve your camera quality in your Phones.

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Basic Requirements:

Before installing the GCam Apk on your phone, we need to check a few things on your phone

  • Check whether Camera2 API supporting in your phone or not. If not supporting means don’t worry we have also given the details of how to enable it in this article.
  • Android 5.0 OS is the minimum required software.

What is Camera2 API?

Camera2 API is an app developed by Google. Before going to the Camera2 API, we have to know what is API?

API Application Programming Interface is the mechanism in that various software communicates with each other. It defines what can be done by a variety of different software and extend to which any software has access to the system.

Camera2 API is an Android app it is introduced for the development of camera features. Before the introducing of Camera2 API, Smart Phone camera features is very less. With this Camera2 API, You can use features like Control the shutter speed(ISO), focus, RAW capture, etc…

So, the third-party developers can include more features in this application with help through API. You can control the phone sensor, Lens, flash control, etc.. So the google camera will give you the stunning photos through Camera2 API app. This app offers all these features in the below image


How to check whether your phone supports camera2 API or not?

  • To see whether your phone is working or not means first you need to install camera2 API app in your phone

Download the Camera2 API app here

  • After downloading the app, Open the app and install it on your phone.
  • Then open your Camera2 API app on your phone, it will show you the complete details of front and rear camera modules.
  • Camera2 API lists the Hardware support level for both the front and rear camera. In that, it gives the Camera ID for both cameras. The rear camera represents camera ID 0, The front camera represents camera ID 1
  • Now you can able to see the screenshot of your phone camera features, In that there are four different stages present in the Camera2 API

Legacy: It shows that the Camera 1 API features available or not.

Limited: It supports only some of the API2  features and result will show

Full: Supports all the features of Camera API 2.

Level 3: You can add some additional features to the camera app in your phone like YUV reprocessing, RAW image capture, flash explore, etc…

Above screenshot shows the working details of the phone of your phone.

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How to enable camera2 API by rooting?

If your phone is not supporting the camera2 API means don’t worry. Here we are going to guide you to how to enable the camera2 API on your Phone by rooting. Rooting is a simple task, go to XDA developers and search for the rooting details of your phone and download the apt rooting software for your phone. You can enable the camera2 API by using Editing build. prop.

Editing build.prop:

  • Download the Editing build. prop app in your phone. Launch the app and click it root permissions. By clicking the Grant Option you can get root permission.
  • Click the Edit Icon in your Editing build. prop app and enter the following line at the end of the edit column


  • Then, Click on the save icon at the top of the app.
  • After saving the content in the app. next, you need to restart your phone.

  • Finally, after restarting your phone, Camera2 API should be enabled now.

How to download and install the Google Pixel Camera APK [ GCam APK] on your Android device?

Step1: After enabling the Camera2 API, next we need to download the apt GCam Apk file for your phone. Download link of the GCam APK is given below click and download your phone GCam APK.

Download the Google Pixel Camera APK 

Step 2: Downloading of the APK is shown in the notification. Once the download has bee completed means, click on the APK file.

Step 3: After clicking it will ask you to Switch ON the APPS for Unknown source option in your phone. Because it is a third party app.

Step 4: For switching on the Unknown source, we need to go to the settings–>Security–>Unknown Sources or Settings–>Additional Settings–>Privacy–>Unknown Sources.

Step 5: After switch on the Unknown sources, GCam APK shows the install option at the lower right side. Click and install it. After installing Click the done option.


Now you can use your Camera with Google camera features. For example, In the below screenshot, we have given the screenshot of two different phones after installing the GCam App in other devices.

The picture was taken with GCam
The picture was taken with Oneplus 3T SmartPhone

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Final verdict:

With all the details have been given above. So, install the apt APK for your Phone and enjoy the GCam features. Now you’re ready to take photos and videos on your phone with Google Camera port. If you have any doubts regarding this article and Also having any issues in installing means just comment below, Surely we will help you.

So, Take good quality pictures with Google Camera on your Smart Phone

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