Interesting facts about Cats

With no doubt dog’s are still the man’s best friend but one pet that has the equal space in every pet lover’s home is a cat.  A pet cat is the smallest version of the cat family and liger is the largest version of the cat family. A cat is more complicated than we ever think. In ancient time cats were worshipped as gods and they still think that we worship them. So let’s see some of the interesting facts about cats that amaze us.

Facts about Cats
                      Facts about Cats

Facts about cats

  • A cat can hear even the slightest noise because they have 20 muscles that control their ears.
  • The frequency of a cat purr is about 25-150 Hertz. We can’t judge the mood of a cat based on its purr. It may be because it is satisfied or happy. Sometimes it may be due to pleasure and nervousness.
  • In other words, one should not simply judge a cat.
  • Cats can rotate their ears up to 180 degrees.
At night cat eyesight is six times better than normal human eyesight.
At night cat eyesight is six times better than normal human eyesight.
  • Cats spend almost 70% of their life sleeping.
  • Not only the eyesight of the cat is sharper than human but also the hearing ability of an average cat is 5 times higher than a normal human being.
  • Cats can make around 100 different types of voices.
  • There are more than 50 crores cat present in this world.
  • The average sleeping time of the cat is16 hours per day.
Interesting Facts about Cats
          Interesting Facts about Cats
  • Cats scoop the water backward to drink water.
  • Cat flicks the tip of their tongue on the water to drink.
  • Their interest in sweet and spices is too low, in other words, they only like to eat meat.

Fun facts about cats

  • The oldest living cat is 26 years old and the oldest cat to ever live is Creme Puff according to the record books.
  • The number of cats in America is more than that of the number of dogs in America.
  • If you own a cat there is it can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • A group of cats is called Clowder. However, we don’t often see cats as a group.
Facts about cats
                  Facts about cats


  • Cat meows to communicate with the human being, not with the fellow cats.
  • Millions of cat are being eaten by Asians every year.
  • The relation between cats and humans exits over 10000 years.
  • We can call mice the ancestral enemy of the cat. They love to hunt and kill them. But by eating mice the cat can get tapeworm
  • Ancient Egyptians were the first to domesticate cats.
  • Cats are a better hunter than dogs. They are sharp hunters.
Facts about Cats
                  Facts about cats
  • Cats usually don’t hurt themselves when falling from a height because of their reflex action and flexibility. It has the ability to land on its feet first.
  • There is a common perception that cat likes to drink milk but they are lactose intolerant.

some of the interesting facts about cats

  • In America every year around 40,000 people are bitten by cats.
  • A male cat is called Tom a female called a Queen and the little cats are called a kitten. A group of a kitten is called Kindle.
Facts about cats
 Cats love to disturb you when you are working
  • A cat can move its jaw only front and back not side to side, this is because the cat eats meat and it needs strong teeth and front back action to teat its meat.
  • Cats usually don’t respond when the owner calls them. Even though they know that their owner is calling it, it still chooses to not respond and ignore.
  • This may be because the cat was not domesticated the way the dog was domesticated.
  • A domestic cat can travel a top speed of 49 kilometers per hour in a short distance.
  • An average domestic cat weighs around 4 kg to 5 kg
  • Cats don’t cover their poop when they are in an angry mood.
  • The average life span of a cat is 12 to 15 years.
  • The reason that your kitten sleep so much is because it releases a growth hormone during sleep.
  • The record for the heaviest cat is 21 kg.
  • Cats are smarter than a dog and it can jump up to six times of its length with precision.
Leap of Faith
                       Leap of Faith
  • Cats and humans have a similar section of the brain that controls the emotional part of the human being.
  • Cats sweat through their paws because unlike humans they don’t have sweat gland in their skin.
  • A nose of the cat is not visible to their own eyes.

Other interesting facts about cats

  • The cat rub against its owner is not only a sign of love but also marking its territory. Its like be aware cats it is my human.
Facts about Cats
                  Facts about Cats
  • Cats clean them with licking their coat and it spends most of the time licking their body to groom themselves.
  • Female cats are mostly right pawed while the male cats are left pawed.
  • Around 4 crore American people at least have one cat as their pet.
  • A cat communicates with his owner with his tail many times.
  • Cats have more bones in their body (230) which is higher than the human who has only 206.
  • A grown adult cat has 30 teeth.
  • Black cats are considered to be a bad sign and unluck in many countries, but it is totally a myth.
Facts about cats
                  Facts about cats
  • The gestation period of an average cat is around 58-67 days.
  • Though a cat falls from a tall building it has more chances for survival due to its flexible body.
  • Cat’s whiskers help them to navigate them in darkness.
  • The nose pad of every cat is unique just like the human fingerprints.
  • American president Abraham Lincoln brought a few stray cats into the white house to pet them.
  • Most of the cats are afraid of water due to the fact that the cat skin does not observe water rapidly.

Actually, the cats choose us, we don’t own them. What great gift one can get than a cat’s love. One cannot simply show their anger to a cute kitten. A cat can be your friend and companion but it will never be your slave. If you ever want to experience overloaded cuteness just won a cat. We will constantly update more information about cats and other pets.

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