Interesting Facts About Mars

Space is full of mysteries and unknown facts still, many people didn’t know about the importance of space. So, today we are going to share some of the mysteries and interesting facts about Mars. The fourth planet in the solar system and also the fourth planet from the sun is Mars. Mercury and Mars are the only two planets which are smaller in size than the earth. To complete one rotation of the sun, it takes 687 days which is 1.9 earth’s year. The length of the one Mars day is almost similar to the earth’s one day. One Mars day has 24hours and 39 minutes. Mars also having mountains, caves, and pits similar to the earth.

Facts About Mars


Mars is a terrestrial planet

  • Planet Mars is a cold terrestrial planet because it has a rock hard surface with mountains, pits, and craters.
  • The surface of the mars is so dry, due to that you can able to walk on the mars the same way we walk on earth.
Facts About Mars – Solid Planet
  • It has two polar ice caps, both the polar caps are made of frozen water. One is Planum Boreum and another one is Planum Australe.
  • The Core layer of mars is covered by Silicon Mantle.


Why Mars is called a red planet

  • The surface of Mars looks reddish because it has a huge amount of mineral called iron oxide.
  • Due to the presence of iron oxide soil on the planet, it looks like red color. The iron oxide is made by the combined chemicals iron and oxygen.
The surface of Mars and Red Soil
  • If you see the planet from the earth through a telescope it looks like red color orbit like structure.

Things you didn’t know about Mars

Olympus Mons:

  • Back in the 19th century 200 years ago, Astronomers found a mountain while watching through a telescope which is called as an Olympus Mons.
  • Olympus Mons is the largest and biggest mountain in the solar system. It is three times bigger in size than Mount Everest.
Top view of Olympus Mons volcanic mountain in mars
  • The size of the mountain is 25km in high and 600km in diameter. Some of the scientists say Olympus Mons is a volcano.

Valles Marineris :

  • The biggest and deepest canyon on the space is present on the planet Mars. It is known as Valles Marineris.
  • Size of the Valles Marineris is 4000km in length, 200km in breadth, and it is deeper to 7km.
The picture shows the Valles Marineris canyon
  • The canyon is stretching to the distances is equal to the distance from Los Angeles to Newyork.

Borealis Basin:

  • Borealis Basin is the biggest crater present in Mars which is 8529 km in length.
  • It covers almost half of the planet surface which is nearly 40% of Mars.
Borealis Basin Carter
  • More than 40,000 craters are present in Mars. The planet Mars is almost covered by craters.

Interesting facts about mercury

Data of Mars:

  • Climate condition in the mars is identical to earth. Mars has both the summer and winter season
  • During the winter season, the average temperature on the mars is -80-degree Celsius and in the summer temperature reaches to 23 degree Celsius.
The distance of Mars is 227.9 million km far away from the sun and the mars rotate at the speed of 868.22 km/h.
  • Human beings cannot able to live in Mars because it has a very thin atmosphere. The atmosphere has 95% of Carbon dioxide, So it is a huge risk for the human to live on this planet. It has only one percent of the oxygen content in the atmosphere.
  • The Size of the mars is half of the size of the earth. Diameter is 6,779 km.
The surface gravity of the mars is only 37% of what earth has. If you jump in the mars you can able to reach the height three times the height you can do on earth.
  • Mars has two moons. one is Phobos and another one is Deimos.
  • The landmass of Mars and Earth is the same and it is less dense compared to earth.
  • The ratio of the size of mars and earth is 1:6.


  • The first spacecraft was launched in the year 1960, But the mission was failed in the year.
  • In the year 1965, Mariner 4 was the first spacecraft research the mars. It took around 228 days to touch the planet.
  • Viking 1 and Viking 2 are the two spacecraft which was sent in the year 1975. Both the spacecraft were taken the complete structure of the planet with photos.
This picture was taken by Viking 2 spacecraft in mars
  • Back in  2004, the Rovers mission in NASA identified that there is evidence of water present in the mars.
This Picture shows NASA’s Rovers successfully landed in mars
  • Until now, 51 mission is sent to mars from that only 21 has successfully reached.
  •  NASA JPL’s spacecraft found alien like species in mars recently.
  • Tridymite a mineral was found in the year 2016 by NASA.

Unknown facts about mars

  • Still, not even a single human could able to touch a single foot in mars.
  • One of the interesting facts is that month March is derived from the planet Mars.
  • Galileo Galilei was the first person observed the mars through a telescope back in the year 1609.
Facts About Mars -The sunsets on the mars look like the blue in color.
  • Due to the reddish appearance of the mars, you can able to see the planet with the naked eye.
  • You can see the concept of mars in Hollywood movies like  The Angry Red Planet, Flight to Mars, and the famous John Carter.
Facts About Mars – It is fourth closest to the sun. So a huge dust storm occurs in the planet frequently.
  • When you see the sun from Mars it looks like half of the size compared to when you see it from earth.
  • The name of the mars comes from the Roman God of War.
  • Until now, Nearly 100,000 people applied for the trip to the planet Mars.
  • Due to low gravity, A single piece of the mars is fallen on the earth surface.

Even after sending many spacecraft to the mars, scientists are still scratching their head to find the mysteries behind this red planet. Mysteries like whether there is any availability of water on the planet is still unknown. Researchers and scientist spend their valuable time to find more details about the planet Mars. Hope they will find a solution to all mysteries. We will constantly update more information about other planets.

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