Light Debug APK v1.5.2 – Download and install the latest updated version for Android

Today, tons of smartphones available in the market which are more attractive and beautiful by their look. Only Drawback is money, If you want to buy an attractive smartphone but you didn’t have enough money to buy means don’t worry. you can even make the cheaper phones in an attractive look with the help of Light Debug APK.

Every Smartphone user likes to have attractive wallpaper and screensavers in their mobile. Because it will make even ordinary phone in a beautiful look. Today here we are going to provide you the complete details about Light Debug APK.

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Light Debug APK:

Light Debug is a Wallpaper or ScreenSaver download application with which you can download the beautiful wallpapers and screensavers in free as well as paid. This app gives you an animated edge for your screen with colors that change cyclically. This kind of applications allows the user can able to customize your device with any background images. There are thousands of this kind of application available in the market in that Light Debug which gives you more colorful edges on the Main page and also in the Lock Screen.

One of the main features in this app that we miss in other app is you can customize your app depends on the aspects of our Android OS. This app makes your phone as Colourful light lamps or Torch Light. This helps to find something easily when the power is cut. Wallpapers are in different colors and Shapes are available in this app. It provides tons of images in free. So, you can change the wallpaper with a new one every day. Also, can buy the images in the app by clicking the Buy Button which is present in the wallpapers.

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Best Features of Light Debug APK:

The main highlighted features of Light Debug APK are given below,

Screen Border:

Multicolor screen border available in this app, Once you set means that color changes in Cyclically. You can able to adjust the speed of the color change and also can set the thickness of the edges.

Consume low power :

This kind of apps consumes more power for usage and drains the battery very faster. But this app is mainly designed for the low-end batter devices also, So it doesn’t consume more power.

User Interface:

This app is simple, user-friendly, and light weighted app. So, it will not occupy more space on your phone. Performance of the device doesn’t affect by this app because it occupies only less space.

What’s new in the Light Debug APK?

  • Very less ad implementation
  • Bug fixes and general improvements
  • You can able to see the preview screen update.
  • A huge number of wallpapers and Colourful Border light

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Specifications of Light Debug APK:

Application Name: Light Debug APK

APP Developed By ELEGANT STYLE s.r.o

Last updated date: May 20, 2019

Application Space: 3.59 MB

Application Current Version: v1.5.2

Total no of downloads: 1,000,000+

Minimum OS requirement: Andriod 6.0 and above

Download the Light Debug APK v1.5.2:

Here we have given you the latest version of Light Debug APK, click and download it. Make your phone more attractive and beautiful

Download link of Light Debug APK

How to download and install the Light Debug APK in your Andriod device?

Below we are going to provide you the step by step instructions about how to download and install the Light Debug on your Andriod devices. So, Be careful and download the Correct Apk link in the below. If there is a mistake happen means while downloading, it will affect the user interface of your app. Carefully follow the instructions given below and download it

Step 1: Firstly, we need to “Switch ON the APPS for Unknown source on Mobile”. It is compulsory to switch on the Unknown Sources option in your phone for a third-party app.

Step 2: Step to switch ON the Unknown sources, we need to go to the settings–>Security–>Unknown Sources or Settings–>Additional Settings–>Privacy–>Unknown Sources

Step3:  Once you Switch ON the Unknown sources option means your Andriod device is ready to accept the third party app.

Step 4: Click and download the link of Light Debug APK which is given above.

Step 5:  Wait for a few minutes for downloading the app. Once the downloading has been over means click the install button in the button

Step 6: Installation takes place some minutes wait for it. After installation, click the Open button and set the features whatever you like in the Light Debug APP, Make your phone more attractive.

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Final thoughts:

This is a short review of this application. I hope this will be helpful for you to make your phone beautiful. If you like this Light Debug Apk means click the download link and install the app immediately. If you any doubts regarding this app means ask in the below comment section, we will ready to clarify at any time.

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