Oppo Theme Store APK- Download and install the latest version for Android

Are you getting bored with old looks your smartphone screen? And you want to change the look of your mobile screen means don’t worry you came to the right place. Today, Look of smartphones defines your value. So there are a huge number of smartphones available in the market in that most of the mobile phones look attractive only. But the major drawback is money. If you are a middle-class family but you didn’t have enough money to buy high-end Andriod phones. means don’t worry we provide a solution for this problem in our article. The user can make even the ordinary phones into beautiful phones with the help of this application. I am telling about the application name called Oppo Theme Store APK. This application is compatible with all the Andriod devices. Mostly this app is used in countries like Indonesia, Phillippines, and India.

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What is Oppo Theme Store?

The Oppo Theme Store APK is an application it is used to change the look of your Andriod device. The theme is the skin of the phone which makes the user can feel pleasure while working in the smartphones. This app contains a huge number of themes with different colors, pattern, fonts, etc… You can customize all in this app by using settings options in the theme. You can edit the theme of the wallpaper both in home screen and lock screen by giving more colorful wallpapers on the Main page and also in the Lock Screen. The user can buy the themes in free as well as in paid.

This Oppo Theme Store APK belongs to the Oppo brand Chinese company. This app is designed for his own product only but we can use it in all other Andriod devices by download the Oppo Theme Store APK which is given below.

Specifications of Oppo Theme Store APK:

Application Name: Oppo Theme Store

APP Developed By Theme Space

Application Space: 18.4MB

Application Current Version: v6.4

Total no of downloads: 10,000+

Minimum OS requirement: Andriod 4.2 and above

Features of Oppo Theme Store APK

Consume less power only :

This oppo theme store app consumes more power for usage and drains the battery very faster. But this app is mainly designed for the low-end batter devices also, So it doesn’t consume more power.

User Interface:

This app is simple, user-friendly, and light-weighted app. So, it will occupy less space on your phone. Performance of the device doesn’t affect any smartphones because it occupies only less memory.


You can buy more themes in the App purchase option. It looks more attractive than the free version. I have already purchased a lot of themes which makes my phone more beautiful.

Download Oppo Theme Store APK:

I have already this app on my phone. This application is working properly and we had scanned the software by using antivirus software also. So you can download it on our website without any hesitation. In this website safety and privacy is 100%

Download Oppo Theme Store APK

App Screenshots:

How to download and install the Oppo Theme Store APK in your Andriod device?

Step 1: Firstly, we need to “Switch ON the APPS for Unknown source on Mobile”. It is compulsory to switch on the Unknown Sources option in your phone for a third-party app.

Step 2: Step to switch ON the Unknown sources, we need to go to the settings–>Security–>Unknown Sources or Settings–>Additional Settings–>Privacy–>Unknown Sources

Step3:  Once you Switch ON the Unknown sources option means your Andriod device is ready to accept the third-party app.

Step 4: Click and download the link of Oppo Theme StoreAPK which is given above.

Step 5:  Wait for a few minutes for downloading the app. Once the downloading has been over means click the install button in the button

Step 6: Installation takes place some minutes wait for it. After installation, click the Open button and set the features whatever you like in the Oppo Theme Store, Make your phone more attractive.

How to use this Oppo Theme Store?

  • Open the Oppo Theme Store
  • Choose the theme
  • Click to download
  • After downloading click apply option. It will automatically change the look of your phone.

Final thoughts:

This is a short review of this application. I hope this will be helpful for you to make your phone beautiful. If you like this Oppo Theme Store Apk means click the download link and install the app immediately. If you any doubts regarding this app means ask in the below comment section, we will ready to clarify at any time.

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