Project qt APK Download for Android 2019 (Latest Version Updated)

Nowadays, playing games and watching movies in the Andriod device is a new trend for people. In that way, here we are going to share about one of the famous Andriod game called Project QT APK. This game is more popular among adults. If you once played this game means you will be definitely addicted to it.

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What is Project QT?

Project QT is a Puzzle RPG Style Simulation Mobile Game for Andriod users. It is Developed by Ignite and Published by Nutaku with NSFW content. Nutaku is famous for publishing these kinds of an adult game.

Recently Nutaku has released a new simulation game called Project QT. This game is completely free to play. Project QT APK is also known as play sci-fi adult action game. Don’t waste your time on searching this game in the play store. Because this game is not available in the Playstore, You can download it in the Nutaku app or download the latest version of APK file in this website.

This game is an interesting game, in this gameplay giving players two different tasks at the same time. With a simple tap on the screen, Players can play two tasks at the same time.

Project QT Game Theme:

First of all, Players recruit a team of hot and beautiful girls to stop the crisis. Group of girls needs to save the world from the disaster. This the major theme of this game. Players have to solve the puzzles in this game. By solving the puzzles you can unlock combos, increase team strength. After crossing the 80+ stages. Players will go on upgrading the loyalty level of monster girls. Also, you can evolve their team to wind up with the perfect ending.

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List of characters in this game:

Year 1:

Fanny, Pamela, Phyllis, Priscilla.

Year 2:

Alice, Bonnie, Chris, Erica, Hazel, Ingrid, Jessie, Jodie, Nydia.

Year 3:

Alberta, Amy, Camile, Clara, Elva, Giselle, Una, Venus.

Monster Girls :

CowGirl, DragonGirl, Feathered queen, Gorgon, Slime Girl, Succubus, Vampire queen, Wolf Girl.

Features of Project QT APK

  • In this game have 50+ animated H-scenes
  • You have to play 80+ stages
  • You have 20 characters waiting to be recruited
  • In this game, players need to unlock 8 monster girls & seduce
  • Players can undress girls by evolution to the highest star levels
  • you can upgrade loyalty and skill level of monster girls using seduction tools and gifts

How to play this game?

Elements details of Project QT

Below we have given the which element is stronger than which elements

  • Fire is Strong against Wind
  • The Wind is Strong against Lightning
  • Lightning is Strong against Water
  • Water is Strong against Fire
  1. If you clear 3 or more Runes of the Same Color means you will get more Attack Power to the same Element of the Character on your team.
  2. Clearing runes of an element that is not on your team means you will not get any attack power.
  3. When you clear chain together 4 or more Runes of the same element means you will create a Spell Rune. After clearing 4+ runes means you will get a bomb, slash, and bolt elements for quick clearing.
  4. Spell Runes can create big Chain Combos. When a Spell Rune effect hits another Spell Rune, it will create a chain, causing you to increase your Attack Power.
  5. The Bomb Rune will explode hitting all Adjacent Runes, The Slash Spell Rune will diagonally clear Runes, The Bolt Spell Rune will clear one Spell Rune that is two spaces near it, as well as a certain amount of Elemental Runes. The Bigger Bolt has the same effect, except it shoots more bolts out.
  6. The user can choose the attack order of your enemies. Tap the enemies in the order you wish to attack them. Useful for when you are against multiple elements and wish to kill the one that can hurt you the most.
  7. This is a simple and user-friendly game to play. Once you played this game means you will definitely addicted to it.

Specifications of Project QT APK

Name: Project QT

Published by: Nutaku

Developed by Ignite

Category: Action game

Android Supported Version: 5.0 and higher

Size: Varies with device

Download Project QT APK

Just click the below link and install the Project QT game. Safety and privacy is 100% on this website. Just close your eyes and click the link. Play the game and have full of fun.

Download Project QT APK

How to install Project QT APK?

We have already given the installation steps for Andriod apps in the previous articles itself. If you want to know the installation steps means click here

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