Steps to Download and Install the Lime Player APK for Firestick

Today, A lot of people in the world watching movies and videos online through many applications. In that, Mostly 90% of application design, Layouts, inbuilt of the players is not good.  Therefore, Online users are started searching for a better video player for watching movies. Finally, we provide you the best video player to watch movies, Tv Shows and videos online is Lime Player. If you are looking for an article about how to download Lime player Apk on Fire Stick means then you came to the right place.  Below we going to provide the complete details about Lime Player Apk for Firestick.


What is Lime Player?

Lime Player is a video Player application, it can be used in Andriod, PCs, and also in fire stick. This Application allows you to watch favorite movies and Tv Shows without any interruption. It also offers many features and control option of the videos while watching. Lime Player Application is a lightweight application, effective and attractive compared to other video players like VLC, MXplayer, etc…

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File details about Lime Player Apk :


Application Name Lime Player APK
Class Type Entertainment
Developed and Manufactured by  Lime Player Team
Operating System Android, IOS, and PC
Latest  Updated Version 1.0.2
File Size 10 MB
Minimum OS Requirement Android 4.0 and above
App Package fileName
Latest Update date June 7, 2019
Category Video player


Download the latest version of Lime Player APK for Fire Stick:

Below we provide you the download link for Lime Player APK for Fire Stick, Click and download it. You need not spend any money on downloading this APK file. This file is Completely Free Version.

Download the Lime Player Apk here

After Downloading the APK, Next, you to install the file in your FireStick. Below we provide you the complete details about how to install the lime player APK in fire Stick.


Steps to install Lime Player APK on your Fire Stick:

Follow the below steps and install your APK on fire Stick,

First Step:  Turn on the Fire Stick and Click the Settings option on the top of the list.

Second Step: After entering the Settings option, Next click on the device option in that Settings.

Third Step: Under Device option List, It has a lot of Sub Option list like About, Developers Options, Legal, Sleep and restart. For that Click the Developers option.

Fourth Step: In that Developers option it has two sub-options, One is ADB debugging and another one is APPS from an unknown source.

Fifth Step: Turn on the Apps from Unknown Source option.

lime player for firestick

Sixth Step: After Turn on the UnKnown Source Option, Next Go to the Search option.

Seventh Step: Next, type the downloader. There will be a lot of downloaders available for your device. For that click and download it based on the reviews.

Eighth Step: Click and Download the Selected application. After downloading the app click and open it.

Lime player for firestick

Ninth Step: Once the Application is open means, Type the URL of the APK file to download on the Fire Stick

Go to the link for downloading


Tenth Step: Download the APK link

Eleventh Step: Then the download will start immediately, You can able to see it in the picture also

Twelveth Step: Be patience for a few minutes, For downloading. Once the download gets completed means click install

Thirteenth Step: Click the open option,

Fourteenth Step: Finally, Go to the Main Screen or Home Screen of the Fire Stick you can able to See the Lime Player Application in your Fire Stick.


Final Verdict:

These are some easier steps to install Lime Player APK for Fire Stick. Install and enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows without any Interruption. If you have any doubts or issues while installing means just comment below. I have totally pleased with the experience in this app. More details about Lime Player will be updated through this site.

Thank for Reading this article… Keep in touch with us…

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