Unknown Facts About Titanic

You are not living in this earth if you never heard of the ship name RMS Titanic. Royal Mail Steamer Titanic or RMS Titanic is one of the most famous and luxurious ships in this world. People in the world definitely has the desire to travel in Titanic at least once in their lifetime. But sadly, On April 14th, 1912 During her first voyage from Southampton, England to Newyork the ship hits the iceberg on the night at 11.30pm. Three hours later, On April 15th around 2.20am, The ship RMS Titanic sank off in the deep of Atlantic ocean. It was one of the deadliest disasters happen in marine. Here we are going to share about the unknown facts about Titanic that will definitely surprise you.

Facts About Titanic

Even after the sinking of Titanic still, Titanic travel continues in books, Tv shows and in Movies. Most of us have seen the Ship RMS Titanic in the movie Titanic with the help of the director James Cameroon, we could able to witness ship visually in the movie Titanic. The movie collected the amount of whopping $ 2.187 billion.

Facts About Titanic



RMS Titanic:

Royal Mail Steamer Titanic

One of the famous British passenger ships was RMS Titanic. It was built by the member of the White line company. Harland and Wolff are the shipyards who built the ship in Northen Ireland, Belfast. The Chief Architect of the ship is Thomas Andrews. Edward Smith was the captain of RMS Titanic.

Facts About Titanic – Lifeboat Rescuing people

On April 10, 1912, Titanic started her maiden voyage from Southampton. Around 2,224 passengers and crew traveled on the ship. Titanic carried only 20 lifeboats in that 4 lifeboats were in collapsible condition. The capacity of 1,178 people can able to travel in the lifeboats.

Disaster in Titanic:

Facts About Titanic – Sinking Titanic

On April 14, 1912, After crossing the distance of 600km it hits an iceberg near the Atlantic Ocean. After three hours, around 2.20 am on April 15th, The ship get sank off in the Atlantic ocean and more than 1500 people died. Only 16 lifeboats were in the working condition, Capacity of the single lifeboat is 65 but it carried only 28 people due to safety regulation. Most of the men are left in the boat because they gave first preference to women and children. Only 705 passengers and crew survived from the disaster. Even the Cheif Architect and Captain also died in the disaster.

Construction of Titanic:

  • In the year 1909, March 31st the construction of the Titanic started.
  • Around 15,000 men worked on the construction process in that 246 members were injured and six people have died during the construction.
  • The length of the ship is 882 feet and 9 inches which means 269.06m and breadth is 92feet and 6 inches.
  • The height of the Titanic is 175 feet and the weight is  46330 tons.
  • For building the RMS Titanic it costs around $7,500,000.
  • After the Construction of Titanic, first sea trial began on April 2, 1912, in Southampton.

Design of Titanic:

Facts About Titanic

The ship was designed with comfort and luxury things like gym, swimming pool, libraries, high-class restaurants, steam room, cool room, massage room, and hot room. Also having a squash court and Turkish bath. There are 1317 passengers in the ship in that 324 are in first class, 284 are in second class, and 709 in third class. Out of that 66%, people are males and 34% of females.

The ship is built with three class accommodations with different decks.

  • Boat Deck in this area were all the lifeboats were present, The Bridge and wheelhouse also present in the boat deck. The first-class grand staircase, first class lounge, gym were located in the middle of the boat deck.
  • Boat Deck also having the smoke room and second class entrance.
  • The wood covered deck consists of first-class passengers, engineers, officers, and second-class passengers.
First class cabin in Titanic
  • In A Deck it contains first class cabin for first class passengers with First Class lounge, smoke room, Palm court reading, and writing rooms.
  • B Deck or Bridge Deck, in this area Six stare rooms for first class passenger, Second class smoke room, Luxury first class dining room.
  • C Deck or Shelter Deck here Third class promenade, Crew cabin, Third class public rooms were housed in the Pop deck in C Deck. It was located between the first class cabin and second class library.
Operating Room in Titanic
  • D Deck or Saloon deck three major public rooms present in this deck. Here First class reception room, First class, and second class saloons. Also,  all three classes cabin located here.
  • In E Deck cooking hall is located and also a long passageway called Scottland room which was used by third class passengers and crew members. It is also called an upper deck.
  • F Deck, Second and third class passengers also housed here. Third class saloon, swimming pool, Turkish bath located in the Middle Deck.
Dining Hall
  • G Deck or lower deck which is located just above the sea level, Here boiler, engine, and turbine rooms are located and also a squash court, parcels are present here.
  • Orlop Decks this area is located below the sea line. it is used for cargo spaces and Generators, turbines, boilers were housed here.

UnKnown facts about Titanic:

  • Every 24 hours, 14,000 gallons of drinking water needed in Titanic.
  • Also, 40000 eggs and 2000 wine bottles boarded in the ship.
  • At the Launch time, Royal Mail Steamer Titanic was the largest manmade moving object in the world.
  • The first class ticket rate in Titanic was $4,350. Today it cost around $60000.
If the instruction of iceberg has been given 30 seconds before, Titanic could have been saved
  • Eleanor Widener a female who wore a very expensive pearl necklace which cost around $250,000.
  • Renault cars were also present in the titanic cargo.
  • The first class passengers used 20,000 beer bottles and 8,000 cigars.
  • Only two bathtubs have been provided for third-class passengers and also they always hear the engine sound in all their cabin.
  • Only 42% of second class passengers survived and 25% in Third class.
  • Before the ship sank, The musician played the music for around 2 hours.
  • Tennis players Dick Williams and Karl Behr were also the part of the journey both were survived from the disaster.
Charles Joughin was swimming in the ocean for more than seven hours and then he was rescued by lifeboat.
  • Rhoda Abbott was the only female survived from the disaster by swimming and then she was rescued by lifeboat.
  • Out of 12 dogs boarded in the ship, only 3 was survived.
  • Only 306 passengers death bodies were founded.
  • The violin played on the ship was recovered from the sea.
  •  Fortified, a chef baker in titanic survived in the freezing water for more than 2 hours and then he was rescued with the help of lifeboats.
  • The Titanic movie Budget is more than the original Titanic Boat.
  • Exactly 12 married couples celebrating their honeymoon in Titanic.
  • The wreck of the Titanic was found after 73 years.

It was a dream for everyone to travel in the first biggest man-made ship Titanic. Everyone in the ship started their journey happily, but unfortunately only few could able to make it. Sometimes your greatest achievement can turn into the greatest disaster. Many thought that the Titanic is unsinkable. But the end proved it wrong. Having confidence is a good thing but overconfidence leads to disastrous effect. Overestimating the capability of Titanic is one of the major cause for the tragic incident. Though a century passed, still we are talking about the Titanic. That much impact it has made. Not all the voyage ends in a tragic one. So try to make a ship voyage at least once in your lifetime to enjoy the scenic beauty of the sea. The numerous safety measures incorporated in the modern ship will save your life at any disaster. We will constantly update more information about various facts.

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